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Custom-Made Furniture in Jackson, MS

Here at Boards, Bowls And Farm Tables, we are proud to create custom furniture that brightens up any room. More distinctive and meaningful than mass-produced pieces, our furniture is made using only the finest hardwood, and each piece is stained to give a distinctive look. Furthermore, each piece is crafted by a team of talented individuals who are dedicated to quality. Call today to learn more about our custom-made furniture in Jackson, MS!

Some of the different types of hardwood we use include:

• Oak • Mahogany • Hickory • Black Walnut • Cypress
• Teakwood • Cherry • Ash • Cedar

Bringing Your Vision to Life

From rustic hutches to charming farm tables, we offer an incredible range of custom furniture. With all our skills at your fingertips, your imagination is the only limit. We even work with mixed wood, ensuring a charming piece that will be set apart from the rest.

Put us to work today! We take between 4 and 10 weeks to complete the order, depending on the complexity of the project. You can call us anytime to get a better idea of how long your piece might take.

Farm Tables

There’s nothing as iconic and beautiful as a beautiful wood farm table. Made by hand just for you, these tables can be made with our own wood or with wood that is of special importance to you. In the past, we have even used wood from past clients’ barns to build pieces with special relevance to them. We can even build the chair to go along with the table, and live edge designs are also available by request.

It all goes to show — you don’t need to be a millionaire to own a table that looks like a million dollars. Our heirloom tables are gorgeous and functional at the same time.

Custom-made Furniture in Jackson, MS

Dough Bowl in Jackson, MS

Sideboards and Hutches

The right sideboard or hutch will really pull together the aesthetic design of your kitchen or dining room. Like all our furniture, these can be customized to your exact specifications. So if you need extra storage, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our custom work makes it easier than ever to design your sideboard or hutch to suit your needs. We can even match the wood we use to create your table!

Coffee Tables and End Tables

Tie your room together with a beautifully made coffee table or end table. As with all of our products, they are made specifically to your exact specifications.

Dough Bowls

Our handmade dough bowls are just the thing to set your space apart. Perfect for getting the rustic look you want, these pieces are created by using our own wood or even wood that has special importance to you. One of our favorite examples is a bowl we created using wood from a tree the client’s child used to play on — it was a great memento to remind them of days gone by!